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About Viomedo

On average, it takes 12 years to bring an innovative treatment to market and allow doctors to use it in standard practice. Millions of patients can’t wait that long for a cure or improvement of their condition. In the meantime these exact treatments are available within clinical trials, that most patients can’t access right now.

Viomedo is the first online platform in Germany that gives patients full transparency into innovative treatment options and allows them to consider the participation in a clinical trial that they might benefit from. Moreover, we are helping the organizations that run and sponsor trials such as large research hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to enroll patients in their trials faster and more reliably. This is the first step on the way to realizing our vision of bringing new treatment methods to the people who need them faster.

If this sounds like you then get in touch now and delight us with your unique application! We have HUGE projects in the pipeline this year and need the best talent on-board to help achieve our goals.